Know All About A Wedding Ring 0

During a wedding ceremony, the wedding rings are exchanged between partners. Typically these are simple bands as compared to the engagement rings that have a central diamond or some other prominent gemstone. Both the partners will receive a wedding ring during the ceremony. It is worn on the third finger of the left hand. The wedding band is worn on the same finger on which the engagement ring is worn. Thus many brides move their engagement ring to their right hand during the wedding ceremony. Afterwards they move it back to the left hand so that both their rings are together.

Meaning of Wedding Ring

unique wedding ringYour engagement ring as well as wedding ring represents the unity and bond which you have committed to each another on the wedding day. It does not matter whether you choose an extravagant jewel or just a simple band, as this is a piece of jewelry that will indicate to you and to the world that you are committed to each other as a married couple. There are a number of types and styles in wedding rings. This ensures that you and your partner will be able to find the perfect ones that suit your taste and style.

Typically, it is the men who wear wedding bands. This is generally a plain circle of metal, without any diamonds or any other kind of ornamentation. But today more and more men are embracing a more ornate style of ring. Even then, the classic design will always remain in style.

The wedding bands worn by women have slowly morphed into something that is more decorative and feminine. It has become more detail intensive and created into what is now known as the wedding ring. It is much more stylized than just a plain wedding band.

Even the men’s wedding bands have evolved through the years. Some men prefer to sport diamonds. Others are looking for a way to combine decoration as well as masculinity.  A common trend today among men’s wedding rings is mixing of metals, such as having a thin line of black enamel around the wedding band at both the edges.

Basically there are a lot of styles and designs available to choose from. Men and women can choose what they want. Accordingly, even their costs differ. But all are looking for classic designs as they expect their marriage to last life-long as well as their wedding ring.